Neighbourhood Development Plan

Next Steps - update January 2018

The consultation with local residents on our Issues and Options paper, produced as part of the process to develop a Berkswell Neighbourhood Plan, [NDP], was completed at the end of October 2017. The steering committee (please see who is a member below) have analysed the 400 plus responses including over 1000 written suggestions and comments that resulted from that consultation. Those suggestions have significantly informed the approach that the Steering Committee are proposing to adopt. The initial view was that the NDP would be relatively simple. However, it is clear that residents and businesses have a broad view of what our NDP should cover and the Steering Committee will be producing a draft NDP that reflects that broader aspiration.

It is still the aim of the steering committee to produce a draft plan by the end of March and consult on that in the spring. Our adviser from the planning consultancy, Kirkwells, has advised that this could comprise 70 to 100 pages, a mammoth undertaking. The areas to be potentially covered in our NDP were discussed and agreed at the NDP Steering Committee on 18th December 2017. The key areas for the draft NDP are shown in three attachments to the (draft) minutes of that meeting and can be found in the links below.

NDP Minutes - 18 December 2017

What the community said in response to the Issues and Options consultation

It is the aim of the NDP Steering Committee to publish as much of the data and its analysis in as transparent a manner as is possible. That will enable any resident, with a keen interest, to see what was suggested by residents and compare that to the eventual draft NDP. However, no data or analysis will be published or issued that will allow anyone to link a post code to a response and potentially identify a respondent.

Residents who wish to see the responses to the residents’ consultation can see them in a report produced by the steering committee. It is over 90 pages long because of the quantity of suggestions. There are 3 pages of key statistical tables giving an analysis of residents support to various possible policy options for the NDP plus about 80 pages of residents’ suggestions which have proved to be so valuable.

All Responses Report

The steering committee have also studied the responses given by the 19 businesses which completed the separate business questionnaire. The relatively much smaller number of responses compared to the residents’ questionnaire meant that no special methodology was required to draw conclusions. The responses to the business questionnaire are shown on this link.

Business Survey Summary Report

One respondent to the residents’ survey suggested that the views of “teenagers” were sought as to the facilities that Balsall Common and Berkswell Parish would need for the future. To this end the steering committee will conduct a survey of views of pupils at the Heart of England School with the assistance of a pupil volunteer during January 2018 to supplement the views from the two main surveys.

Next Steering Committee meetings

Two public meetings of the NDP Committee are scheduled on 15th and 21st of February 2018, both to commence at 1.30 PM and to be held at the Jubilee Centre, Station Road, Balsall Common. It is expected that these will commence consideration of a draft NDP for Berkswell Parish. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The NDP Steering Committee

The Committee comprises the following local residents.

  • Andrew Burrow Parish Councillor and NDP Chairman
  • Richard Drake Parish Councillor and NDP Committee Secretary
  • Jane Edwards Berkswell Society representatives and resident of Berkswell village
  • Kay Howles Parish Councillor
  • Vince Ritters Balsall Common resident and an ex-governor of the Balsall Common Primary School. (Incidentally a Balsall Parish resident)
  • Keith Tindall Chairman of the Balsall Common Village Residents’ Association. (Incidentally a Balsall Parish resident of Balsall Common)
  • Geoff Wheeler A resident of Meeting House Lane in Balsall Common. (Incidentally a Berkswell Parish resident)

All members of the Steering Committee have signed the Berkswell Parish Council code of conduct which incorporates the Nolan principles of conduct in public office. This requires them to act with integrity, avoid conflicts of interest and to publically declare such conflicts. It will also require them not to disclose confidential data such as any post code or other information that could link the response to a consultation with an individual e.g. post codes (if they have access to them.)

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