Neighbourhood Development Plan

This Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for Berkswell Parish is published for 6 weeks formal public consultation (Regulation 14) from 18th June to 31st July 2018.

The consultation period on the Regulation 14 draft of the NDP has now concluded. The NDP Steering Committee and Parish Council will take a little while to analyse the comments made and if appropriate make changes to the draft plan prior to submitting it to SMBC for the next stages including external examination and a referendum.

Berkswell NDP SEA Screening Report

1st draft plan consultation response

The following are the consultation responses received
BCVRA response
NDP Draft Plan Consultation 2018 Results - Berkswell Only
NDP Draft Plan Consultation 2018 Results minus personal data
Greenlight 16-35-CR01 BC Vision Document
Greenlight Representations
Letter from Berkswell Society
Report on 1st draft plan consultation
RBPL - (Barretts Farm) response
SMBC response
St Georges and St Teresa Dorridge response
Balsall PC response
NDP Draft Plan Consultation 2018 Results with Responses
Consultants advice for 15 May NDP meeting
Consultants advice re Local Space May 2018
SMBC Highways response
Parking and Traffic calming in Berkswell Village report
Draft Plan Consultation 2018 Results with responses

Additional Evidence Base for first draft plan

The following files represent the additional evidence base
Meeting House Lane Park
Heart of England School survey
Kenilworth Greenway
Beanit Farm Hedge
Little Beanit Farm Meadow
Berkswell Moss
Big Poors and Little Poors Wood
Beanit Green Lane
Berkswell Marsh Meadow
Mercote Mill Pool
Hallmeadow Road Car Parking survey Jan 2018.pdf
Ecological Report
Rough Close
Landscape character assessment
Photo appendix re Park on Meeting House Lane
Solihull Connect Transport Strategy 2016
Meeting House Lane Traffic Survey results
Berkswell PPA Sept 2017
Historic Environment Report
All responses report final
Business Survey Summary Report
SMBC email - provision of open space guidelines Jan 2018
SMBC Green Spaces Strategy Review 2014
Notes of Berkswell PC & SMBC Highways meeting 8th February 2018
Berkswell NDP Business Survey Summary Report
Issues and Options residents all responses report final
Assurance Kenilworth Greenway extension - U&A number 966

Evidence for Issues and Options Consultation

Community engagement BBCSA Nov16
Community engagement BCPS-Staff
Community engagement BC Lions
Balsall Common Festival Sept 2015
Balsall Common Primary School Fete June 2016
Berkswell Fete community engagement Jul 2016
Community engagement BC business forum Aug 2016
Community engagement Berkswell school
Community engagement proforma Berkswell Village Xmas survey
Community engagement proforma Heart of England Students Nov 2016
Community engagement proforma Heart of England Chair of Governors and PTA
Community engagement PTA BCPS focus group
Explorers Community engagement Sept 2016
Sites Exhibition Data spreadsheet - Berkswell only

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